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Green Burial

Did you know that some burial methods are more environmentally friendly than others? Americans are starting to seek options that minimize the environmental impact of their afterlives. Green burials are taking this goal to the next level. This type of burial foregoes embalming (which uses many long-lasting toxins), a cement vault, and opts for biodegradable caskets or shrouds. More than 70 percent of U.S cemeteries say they've seen increased interest in green funerals. 

Meadville's Greendale Cemetery opened a green burial section in June 2023. This serene, 2-acre, tree-lined section of the cemetery is designated for green burials. Plots have already been sold and Greendale is inviting people who want a lower impact option to consider a green burial. If you want to know more, contact Patrick Groover, Greendale Superintendent at 814-336-3545 or

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