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French Creek Valley Conservancy

French Creek Valley Conservancy is a non-profit land trust whose mission it is protect the water quality and ecologically diverse areas of our watershed. To that end, the Conservancy works with landowners so that the precious habitat around French Creek is preserved in perpetuity. An added benefit of this primary mission is that these beautiful areas become open to everyone who enjoys the rich aquatic life of and around French Creek. Maybe you, too, want to know more about the more than 25 species of mussels that live in French Creek, its many fish varieties, or, of course, the hellbender, the second largest salamander species in the world? Education and research are likewise important tasks the Conservancy pursues. Each year, its staff and volunteers organize events such as talks, picnics, and clean-ups. Come learn more about French Creek, one of the ecologically richest waterways in the entire US (and not coincidentally Pennsylvania’s River of the Year 2022) by visiting the Conservancy’s website.



Photo by Judy Acker

Sojourn 2019 Judy Acker (75) (2).JPG
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