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Common Roots

Common Roots is a Meadville-based non-profit organization dedicated to developing green, permanently affordable housing that builds wealth and security for lower income residents. Common Roots is currently working on its first two projects in the South Main neighborhood which will create six units of energy-efficient, cooperative affordable housing for Meadville. With these units, Common Roots is pioneering a new way to rent. In Common Roots' model, residents work together to care for their homes while building skills, knowledge, community, and equity. Common Roots is also working on a sustainable home ownership initiative which is hopes to launch later this year in partnership with Allegheny College. Ultimately, Common Roots is working to create a community-based housing sector that stabilizes neighborhoods and fortifies Meadville's housing stock. Not only is Common Roots developing housing, it is organizing and training the workforce Meadville needs to ensure all households are safe, healthy, and efficient.  It all adds up to making Meadville more socially, economically, and environmentally resilient for decades to come. 

For more information contact Julie Wilson @ or visit Common Roots' website    



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