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Foundation for Sustainable Forests

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests is a land trust that works with landowners to protect the working forests of Pennsylvania and beyond. Forests are – literally -- growing assets for our community: They support jobs in our local economy and showcases a sustainable timber management industry in northwestern PA. If carefully managed, forests also clean our air and water and give shelter to many plant and animal species, all of which you can enjoy on a relaxing walk through the woods. 

As a nonprofit organization, FSF voluntarily pays local real estate taxes as additional support to rural communities. Its unique model of conservation marries sustainable timber production with care for the land, and it does so on 2,300 acres and counting! It
thereby sets a model for ecological forestry in the 21st century: If forests
are healthy, our communities are healthy, both today and for future generations.


Contact: Annie Maloney (Executive Director):

Photo by Annie Maloney

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