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We need smart ways to get around our town while reducing emissions. Public transport, bikes, and fuel-efficient vehicles are all part of that goal. 


Crawford County Transportation Authority - Our regional public transit system is at the forefront of connecting people and cities in environmentally friendly ways. Hop aboard and learn more!

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Fuel-efficient Driving

The Diamond Park saw its first EV cruise-in on October 21, 2023. Residents could learn about hybrid and electric vehicles by taking a peek under the hood and chatting with veteran drivers. Current owners value the savings and environmental advantages these cars offer. Even though the charging infrastructure is still in its infancy, Meadville has several charging stations (Park Avenue Plaza, Voodoo @ Bessemer St, Allegheny College). More stations are planned at CATA and Giant Eagle. Want to know more about 21st century driving? Stay tuned for more electrifying events!

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